Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zumba Tomorrow!

8:45 AM at the Church, come one, come all!  (If you have a "kid" allergy this may not be the place for you!) 

Zumba with Kellie and anyone who wants to teach ;)

Free Desk and Shelf

I have a large desk (probably about 3 feet deep and 5 feet wide) with hutch that I am looking to get rid of. It is dark brown. Nothing fancy, but still very usable with a lot of drawers and shelfs. I also have a standard 5 shelf bookcase that is the same brown color that is up for grabs. They are not solid wood, but the particle board with the wood-like finish over the top. The desk is rather heavy, so you would need 2 people to move it and the entire back of a van or pick-up truck to get it home. I wanted to see if anyone in the ward was interested in it before I took it to the thrift store. If you think you might want it either call me (in the ward directory) or email me at heatherholbrook(at)gmail(dot)com.

Heather H.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dog Sitter Needed

We are going out of town from August 12th through the 20th and are looking for someone who would be interested in dog-sitting for us. Our mutt, Phoebe, is a good natured, happy, kid-friendly dog who is well trained and loves other dogs. She is just a puppy, though, (about 7 months old) so she needs a daily walk and playtime. We're looking for a family who would keep her at their home for the week we are gone. She is kennel trained (sleeps in kennel, goes in kennel when she is annoying me, and stays in kennel anytime we are gone), which is quite helpful. We are willing to pay a generous amount to anyone interested in taking on this job.
Email me at jennywappett at gmail dot com, or find my number in the ward list.

Do you need a Babysitter or Other Work Done?

My name is Mitchell Acton and I am 13 1/2 years old. I would love to babysit for you. I have 4 younger siblings and watch them all the time. I am also available for any other odd jobs you might have. My number is in the ward list or email my mom at leahacton at yahoo dot com. Thank you.

Card Swap Anyone???

Hello all! My name is Crescent and I just recently moved into the neighborhood...I wanted to get a card swap up and going if anyone was interested. I did this in Buffalo for a couple years before we moved here and absolutely loved it. Here's how it works: We decide on a card theme for the month, for example, Thank You cards. Then we see how many people want to do the swap that month, let's pretend 10 do. After that, you get your creativity on while you make 10 Thank You cards to swap (all the same design). Then we meet together one evening for dessert and girl talk and swap cards so you go home with 10 amazing cards, all unique and different! Sound like fun? Email me and let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested!
crescentmarchant (at) gmail (dot) com.

Oh and you don't have to be committed every month. If one month you want to do it and the next month you can't, that's just fine. Or if you want to make the cards, but can't make it to the swap, just send them to the swap with someone else, that's okay too!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

book club lineup

Here are the books for the next few months.
August 18- A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
September 15- Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
October 20- Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Do we have any volunteers to lead the discussions for any of these books? Also, we need a host location for the October meeting (unless the weather cooperates and you want to bring jackets for a last outdoor meeting)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

book club meeting Thursday PM

Book club meets this Thursday at Melissa S.'s backyard (weather permitting-- we can move inside if needs be). Come at 7:30 with a treat to share if interested. All are invited to attend (it's not really a membership type club).

We're discussing Merrilee Brown Boyack's book 'The Parenting Breakthrough". Even if you haven't read the book you are invited to come and share your opinion, experiences and thoughts on parenting. We usually hang around and talk until 11-ish so come when you can! FYI next month's book is A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Mom Book Club

Hey all!

In an attempt to be less confusing as to which book club we are talking about, we are naming this book club "The Busy Mom Book Club." Don't laugh.

Bethany, thanks for the fun reading of "Secrets of the Jedi." It was fun, it was enlightening, and now I can understand Kobe a little more. Heh.

Next month, Susan Turner has chosen "The Help" by Katherine Stockett. This book is coming out in the theatres soon, if it isn't already there. Here is a synopsis:

The Help is set in the early 1960s in Jackson Mississippi, and is told from the perspective of 3 people, Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter. Aibileen is an African-American maid who cleans houses and cares for the young children of various white families. During the time covered in the novel, she has a job looking after a toddler girl named Mae Mobley, her first job since her own 24-year-old son was killed in an on-the-job accident.

Minny, Aibileen's confrontational friend who frequently tells her employers what she thinks of them, which has resulted in her being fired from 19 jobs. Her most recent employer was Mrs. Walters, mother of Hilly Holbrook. Hilly is the social leader of the community, and head of the Junior League, the lady you do not want to cross in Jackson Mississippi. She will become the nemesis for all three main characters in the book.

Miss "Skeeter" Eugenia Phelan is the daughter of a prominent white family that owns a large cotton farm that employs many African-Americans in the fields, as well as in the household. Skeeter has just finished college and come home with big dreams of becoming a writer. However, her mother only wishes for Skeeter to get married, something that does not particularly interest Skeeter. Upon coming home Skeeter discovers that Constantine, the maid that raised her, has suddenly quit, and moved to Chicago with no word to Skeeter. This was unusual since Constantine had been writing to Skeeter the entire time she was at college, and had promised Skeeter a surprise when she got home. This is a mystery that nobody will discuss with Skeeter. The Help reveals Skeeter's personal struggles with her friends and family throughout.

During the weekly bridge club that Skeeter attends with Hilly, Mrs. Walters and Elizabeth, Abileen's employer, Hilly discusses her belief that all homes should have separate bathroom facilities for the "colored" help. This discussion has an impact on Skeeter. She is awakened to the realization that her friends' maids are treated so different from the way a white person is treated, and wants to reveal the truth to the world from the maids' perspectives by writing a book about it. 

Written in the first person from the perspective of Abileen, Minny and Skeeter, the struggles Skeeter experiences to communicate to the maids and gain their trust is revealed, as well as the issues of overcoming long standing barriers in customs and laws by all of the characters. The daily lives of the Southern housewife, and the household maid during the early 1960's in Mississippi are explored. The dangers of undertaking writing a book about African-Americans speaking out in the early 60's are constantly hovering over the 3 ladies. The ultimate results are heart breaking at times, and humorous at times, and unpredictable.

Can't wait.

This month, we are meeting at Susan's house, Aug 18th at 12:30pm. (Thanks to everyone being willing to switch days and times so that I can come.) We know this is the same day as the other book club, but we figured it was doing the day so there would be no conflict.

Hope to see you all there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

House for Rent in Ventana Ranch $1200/ Month

My neighbor is trying to rent her home in Ventana Ranch.

It is 1800 sq feet, 3 bedrooms and an office, 2 bath.  Finished backyard WITH GRASS. 

Single story.  1/2 block from Ventana Ranch Elementary School.

Owner pays Water/Sewer

She is asking $1200 a month.   If you are interested email me at   kelliejh(at)yahoo(dot)com or call, my # is in the Volcano Cliffs directory. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help a Sister Out

Hey Volcano ladies!

I just wanted to let you know about the "Help a Sister Out" blog.  It is a blog for anyone in and around Ventana and has lots of good stuff on it.  I thought you might like to check it out!  Feel free to e-mail me to post on there if you would like... foreverfamilee{at}gmail {dot}com


-Kristie L.


Walmart Market on Gulf Course has Sheer Energy Nylons on clearance for $2 a pair.

Zumba Today

There is Zumba this morning at the Church.  8:45, see you there!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free 8.5 x 11 Photo Book TODAY ONLY from Walgreens

You can get a FREE photo book from Walgreens today by entering the code: CREATEBOOK

You only pay shipping, which is about $5.00.

Thought you might like to know

go to:  www.walgreens.com

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lookin' for a sitter

Hello Ladies! I am looking for a baby sitter for the next two weeks. I have two little boys (2 and 7 months) who will be asleep the whole time Tuesday July 19th! Then I need a sitter for Thursday July 15th and 22nd from 4:45 to 6:00. I am taking one to swim lessons and can't watch the other alone. If you or someone you know might be interested, email me, Julie, at juliembarnes(at)gmail(dot)com.