Friday, April 27, 2012

Eagle Project!!!

Jarod's Eagle Project is tomorrow.  We are meeting at the church at 8:30 or at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch at 9:00.  For Jarod's Eagle project, we desperately need cordless drills that have hexagon tips for screws. The sizes needed are 1/4 and 5/16. Anyone who has these, please contact Jarod at 899-2736

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Art Classes

Hi! My name is Rachael B. and I'm in the Ventana Ward. I have offered art classes in the past and am excited to announce my new lineup of art classes for this summer. I am holding 3 classes. Here are the details:

To register, send me an email to confirm that your child will be attending. (Rachael Boyle - rachaelboyle(at)gmail(dot)com) Please include their name and age and which camp they will attend. A $30 NONREFUNDABLE deposit (per child per camp) will need to be mailed to me (please email me if you need my home address) OR delivered to my house within a WEEK after registering. The $30 will be applied to the total cost of the class, the remainder of the total cost will be due on the first day of class.

The deadline to register for ALL classes is June 4th! Don't miss out, register early!

There needs to be a minimum of 6 children per class otherwise I will likely cancel that particular class. So invite your friends!

On the other hand, if a camp becomes too full, I will split it and create a second group.

If your child would like to participate in one of these camps but your schedule does not allow it, please let me know. If I have enough interested children I will hold another camp at a different date.

As a side note, I will begin teaching semi-private art classes in the fall. If you are interested, please let me know.

And here's the summer camp lineup ...!

Skillful Drawing and Painting - Training The Artist's Eye

I am going to tell you a secret. Shhhh. To more easily paint/draw a beautiful masterpiece of something, you need to break it up and look at it in terms of colors, shapes, and lines! Wa la! Instant success, and that's what I want to teach you in this class. What "really" makes a picture? Training the artist's eye!

This class is appropriate for children 7 years of age and older. Acrylic paints on canvass, watercolors on cold pressed paper, and black and white charcoal/chalk on black and white drawing paper will be our tools to create our 3 masterpieces. (We will create a new piece each day.)

If you attended last year, our approach will be similar to the approach we used when we painted the picture of the boat docked on the beach with the shimmering sunset. (It won't be the same photo again, but it was very helpful for the children to reference a photo.) I taught the group what to look for, then I walked around and helped each child individually. It was very successful and each child was VERY proud of their work.

Referencing photos does not take away any art skills. You will still learn special art techniques and skills of drawing and painting.

June 11, 13, and 15th, 3 days

10am - 12am each day

Cost is $75 per child. Includes all materials. Child is responsible for bringing their own cover-up.

Window Splashes: Promotional Signs and Holiday Art on Home and Business Windows

This is the first time that I will be holding a camp like this, I am really excited! I have pulled a few strings and your kids should have a great experience. This class is appropriate for children ages 8 and older and who want to be a part of something BIG!

Window painting can be fun! But it is also hard, takes planning, can be technical, and as the painter, you're either freezing in the winter months or frying in front of the windows when the temperatures start to rise, even slightly!

Results: your super cool mural size work is seen by everyone and you feel very proud!

I will teach you how to create a window design that is appealing to customers (or great for your home). You will use acrylic paints at first, BUT once you've practiced, you'll learn how to transfer your design to big windows. Then we'll use very high quality paints (that I special order), expensive brushes, and very smelly chemicals like turpentine and other oil solvents.

Here's the best part, we will paint Dairy Queen's windows, located on Southern Blvd., for the Fourth of July Rio Rancho parade! Everyone will see it from the road! That's right, you'll be famous! After our hard work, Dairy Queen is going to treat all of the hot and tired artist to ice-cream!

Check out to get a feel for what we will be doing.

If I have a lot of children sign up for this camp, we will split into groups and have different painting times at Dairy Queen. (There are lots of windows to paint - no one will get shorted!)

June 18-22

Time: 5pm-6:30 pm
Painting on windows in the summer is ridiculously hot! I am doing this as an evening class so that we won't fry like grasshoppers under a magnifying glass (not that I did that as a kid). The hours will stay in the evening, but I may tweak them a bit here and there.

Cost is $100 per child. Includes all materials. Child is responsible for bringing their own cover-up and bottled water.

More details will be emailed to those who register for this class.

Splatter, Stick, and Stain

This is your get messy, make messy, messy here, messy there, messy EVERYWHERE type of camp for children who like to have fun and create. But before we start, I will read a different book at the beginning of each day that will go along with our project for that day. Your child will enjoy listening to the book and thinking outside of the box while incorporating real art skills and learning about famous artists. Everyday we will create a new piece of artwork for your child to take home and proudly display!

This class is appropriate for children ages 4-8 years old. Come get your mess on with us!

June 25-28


Cost is $60 per child. Includes all materials. Child is responsible for bringing their own cover-up.

I can't wait! We are going to have super fun and I am looking forward to seeing all of my returning artists and new ones! Here's to splattered paint, black charcoal smudges on our faces, fingers stuck together, colored soaked cover-ups, and messy floors!

book club location

Darbie W. has graciously offered her home (and her services as discussion leader) for the book club meeting on Thursday starting at 7:30. Come ready to discuss "The Forgotten Garden".

Monday, April 16, 2012

need a host/discussion leader for Book Club Thursday

There is a Stake Auxillary training meeting this Thursday night and Emily H. has to be there for it (as do I for music....)
Is anyone willing to host the book club meeting at their home on Thursday and/or lead the discussion? The book is The Forgotten Garden.
Email me back ASAP if so.
melissa dot lee dot spencer at gmail dot com

Monday, April 2, 2012

Eagle Scout Needs Help!

I’m Jarod Huckabay and I’m working on my Eagle Scout Project.

I’m making a petting zoo and shelters for rescue animals at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch in Rio Rancho. They have ducks, goats, and chickens. The kids that go there will be able to see the animals and interact with them. The pens that the animals are in do not have a roof. These animals need to be protected from the elements as well from other wild animals.

In order to protect the ducks, chickens, and goats I will need 280 square feet of metal roofing. I also need 20 six foot poles for fencing to make a larger safer area for the goats and protect the trees that are in the petting zoo area from the goats. I need to raise the money to purchase the materials I need to do this project. I am willing to do yard work, baby sitting, or other things to raise the money. Could you please help me? Please call me at 899-2736.