Thursday, May 30, 2013

Incredible Hulk and baby shoes

I am helping make some awards for the stake pioneer trek. I am looking for used incredible Hulk action figures and small used baby shoes. If you have either of these and are willing to part with them for good. I can come pick them up. please email me or give me a call two one four-three six four-seven six six two is my cell number or gehreh at sbcglobal dot net
Rebecca H.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Philmont and Trek training hike- today

Just wanted to remind for those who are coming on the hike today of a few things.
We are meeting at the Stake center at 8:30am please be on time. We want to start up the trail no later then 9:15am. Things to remember to bring; sunscreen, 3 water bottles, snacks and a sack lunch, backpack to carry your stuff in, $3.00 cash if you are driving you have to pay to park, cash if you want to buy a snack at the top. They charge $2.00 to refill water bottles. Dress in layers it is very cold at the top. If you have any questions call Hawthorne or email at gehreh at sbcglobal dot net

If you want to just hike up with little kids and ride the tram down it is $10.00 each.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just wanted to remind all the Pioneer trek participants that we are having a sewing get together at Heidi C. house from 3-6pm bring your own material. We will be sewing bonnets and aprons. If you have any questions email Rebecca H. at gehreh at sbcglobal dot net

Monday, May 20, 2013

links for sources used at Meal Planning class

Hey Ladies,
Below are some of the resources I'll be mentioning and using for my class on Meal Planning at the Additional Relief Society Meeting 5/21/13.

step by step guide on how to menu plan using google calendar

daily docket with "what's for dinner" section 

meal planning done for you- follow someone

pay ~$5/month for someone else to plan your meals with seasonal organic foods

general how to plan meals guidelines:

Hope you can come to the class!  Ventana building, 7 PM.