Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pampered Chef Party


This party has been changed to a catalog party.  So if you are interested in ordering items, you can contact Sarah Rudd (see ward list). She has all the things you need, but do not show up to her house this weekend because no one will be there.
 Questions, contact Sarah Rudd or Ashley Bollman

Come next Saturday to a Pampered Chef party. We will have fun making awesome and delicious food, enjoy good company and conversation and, of course, have a chance to see great products. So come and bring a friend! 

Where: Sarah R. Apartment (see ward list)
Time: 10:00 am
Date: Saturday, July 20th
Questions: Contact Sarah R. or Ashley B. (also, see ward list)

Hope you see you there!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free to good home.  Frankie is a little over 3 years old, grey tabby cat.  He's half Siamese, half Maine Coon.  He's a big cat.  He's loves people, getting pets, sleeping, and playing with his cat toys.  He's neutered, micro-chipped, and de-clawed on his front paws.  He's an indoors only cat and is very loving.  His owner is highly allergic to him and cannot take allergy medicine any more so needs to find him a new home as soon as possible.  He gets lonely so would love to have another cat for company or an owner who is home a lot.  He has never been around children but loves people. He comes with a bag of his food, cat litter, litter box, treats, and toys, as well as all his paperwork from the vet and his license.  Email or call 804-9478 if you are interested. - Amber Cooley

Monday, July 8, 2013

Local guitar teacher in the market for new students

If you have been looking for someone to teach you how to rock out on the guitar then you might give Min (Marinda E.) a call.  She's 17, here in Ventana Ranch (in the Volcano Cliffs Ward), has played for years and is a fantastic guitarist.  She's at nine-0-three, 1-six-9-zero.