Thursday, October 27, 2011

need help...

Last night was the WORST night to date, with Nolen. Let me back up a bit. I started feeding Nolen solid food when he was 6 months old. He slept through the night up to 12 hours before that time. I started him on the usual rice and oatmeal. That is when the gas started. BAD GAS. I am talking about gas that smells like an old man and is extremely painful.
I took Nolen off the rice and oatmeal then put him on the Gerber baby food. The gas continued but was not as bad. Since then, I have tried many different foods and formula. We opted to keep him on Soy formula because the milk based formula seemed to cause him more discomfort.
Yesterday, I fed Nolen a handful of honey nut Cheerios, apple sauce, blueberry banana and apple's baby food, and for dinner he had some whole carrots peas corn and zucchini.
Out of all of that, I have no clue what would cause such painful gas; however, he was up ALL night crying and in pain.
I am asking for any help, any help at all would be great. If you have been through something like this yourself, or with your child, please, please, please help. I am suspecting a gluten allergy but I don't even know where to begin to get it diagnosed let alone fix the problem.

Thanks from one tired Mom.
You can email me at juliembarnes (at) gmail or just leave a comment here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday Card party

Hello Ladies!
I was chosen to host a shutterfly Holiday Card party November 19th, at 3:00.  This is a Saturday for those interested in attending.  All are invited.  Shutterfly is an awesome website that allows users to upload photos and create awesome memories like photo books, mugs, cards, and tons more amazing cute photo items. 
Shutterfly is supplying free gifts for all who want to attend and I will show you some of the cool things I have made over the last 10 years using shutterfly.  If you are at all interested, click here.  It will be worth it just to learn about an easier way to scrapbook. (oh and yes, you can bring your kids!)
If you have any questions, please email me at juliembarnes (at) gmail

Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy Mom Book Club

Hey Ladies!

If you didn't get a chance to read last month's book, you should read it. It was outstanding. "Wildwood Dancing." Great book. No, really. It is good!!

This month we are going to read "Hattie Big Sky" by Kirby Larson.

For most of her life, sixteen-year-old Hattie Brooks has been shuttled from one distant relative to another. Tired of being Hattie Here-and-There, she summons the courage to leave Iowa and move all by herself to Vida, Montana, to prove up on her late uncle’s homestead claim. "At least now my letters will be more interesting," she writers to her good friend, Charlie, who is fighting the Kaiser in France.

Under the big sky, Hattie braves hard weather, hard times, a cantankerous cow, and her own hopeless hand at the cookstove. Her quest to make a home is championed by new neighbors Perilee Mueller, her German husband, and their children. For the first time in her life, Hattie feels part of a family, finding the strength to stand up against Traft Martin’s schemes to buy her out and against increasing pressure to be a "loyal" American at a time when anything—or anyone—German is suspect. Despite daily trials, Hattie continues to work her uncle’s claim until an unforeseen tragedy causes her to search her soul for the real meaning of home.

Lovingly stitched together from Kirby Larson’s own family history, and the sights, sounds and scents of a homesteading life, this young pioneer’s story celebrates the true spirit of independence.

It is a great, light, easy reading book, perfect for this time of year.
We will meet Nov. 8 at Jenny C. house. We will post the time later but it will be during the day. Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Bassinet

Hi Ladies,

I have  a FREE bassinet to give to someone in need of one.  I was given it by someone in the ward and now Sammy is getting too big.  Its white and navy blue with small polkadots.

Email me at kelliejh at yahoo dot com if you would like it!  Or number is in the ward directory for the Volcano Cliffs ward!

Kellie W.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Mom Book Club: Wildwood Dancing.

Yeah, so I forgot to post this about a month ago....gulp.

Nevertheless, we are going to meet Thurs. Oct. 13 at 12:30-1:45ish at my house (Stef Burns). If you need the address just email me stef.burns @

We read Wildwood Dancing, a FANTACTIC book!

We are going to bring in Pei Wei in, so I need you to send me your orders. I will buy it and you can pay me when you get to my place.

If you haven't read the book, no problem. Just come and chat. If you have, didn't you just love it? Oh, wait...we will talk about it Thursday. You're awesome.

See ya!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Calling a person with "Crafty" talent

Hi Ladies,

I am in need of a person who is good at making things look nice!!!  I am finding 10 quotes from the new Relief Society book to hang in the RS room for our open house on the 15th, next Saturday night.   I don't have any of those cool digital scrapbooking programs for my computer and would love it if someone is willing to help me by making the quotes look nice "scrap-booked" cute for the event.

please call me or email me at kelliejh (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks so much,
Kellie Wright

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zumba Tomorrow!

Hi Ladies!

Kellie Here, I will be teaching Zumba tomorrow for Kuliana.   A few things to know:

1st - The ventana building will be cleaned tomorrow, so we will have zumba at the STAKE CENTER, the building off of Ellison and Golf Course.

2nd - Rise and Shine!!!!  Zumba STARTS PROMPTLY AT 8:15 and will END at 9:00 (then you have the rest of the morning to run errands!).

3rd - I do not use weights, you can bring them and use them on your own if you wish!

Come and have fun, I am so excited to teach!

Check out Albuquerque West Stake Zumba on Facebook for add'l info ongoing!  Like Us!