Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday night meeting in Rio Rancho

For those who don't know...  it is the Stake Center out by Rio Rancho High School (Loma Colorado area)

( For the full details, read Melissa'a post below)

Friday night meeting in Rio Rancho

Friday night meeting in Rio Rancho
A little birdie told me that the meeting on Friday Night at 7 PM at San Victorio building will be broadcast to the Rio Rancho Stake Center.... which is a much shorter drive and has more parking...
The birdie shall remain anonymous and you didn't hear it from me....
Just thought I'd pass it along in case the drive and distance were hindering your desire/ability to go hear these general authorities.

Friday, February 24, 2012

American Fork - Lehi Area

I am looking for anyone going through this area that might be able to pick up some Lehi Roller Mill White Wheat for me.  We really like this brand of wheat, but we are almost out.  They sell it both at Lehi Roller Mill and at some Costcos.  I could also have my Sister in law pick some up that lives in AF and you could get it from her.  Let me know if you are going that direction.  Thanks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March Recipe group

Mark your calendars.  TUES MARCH 6th is our next recipe group. The theme is Italian. Bring your best meatballs, pizza, lasagna, pasta dish, or gelato recipe. If you want, you can even experiment with a new one. It will be held at my house (Jenny Ch. ) at 12:30pm.

Right after recipe group, we will be holding our book club. We are combining again due to spring break in March. The book is Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Come at 12:30 for some yummy food and stay for book club or come late if you just want to discuss. Either way, I hope to see you you there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eagle Project

Request for Help

            Hi, my name is Brendan Rossiter and I am in the Volcano Cliffs ward, I am 17 about to turn 18 and working on my eagle project. I am fixing up a backyard of a Women's Housing Coalition for the children who reside with their moms there. I am asking for some donations, whether it is backyard toys for the children or a lightly used playground or even parts of playgrounds such as swings to help refurbish an old one already located at the housing coalition. Any donations or help would be much appreciated.

            If you would like to help or can donate something, please contact me at (505) 301-0581 or by email at   or

 Thank You

free rose pruning class

My roses are starting to bud, which means NOW is the perfect time to trim them back so they'll grow effectively and bloom beautifully this summer. I love roses and have spent some time learning how to prune them.
If you'd like to know more about how to care better for your rose bushes please come to my free rose pruning class.
When: this Friday, February 10th from 11-12:30 at my house. You're welcome to bring your kids and let them play in the yards while we have our class. If you'd like, pack a picnic lunch and we'll schmooze after the class.
What to bring: THICK garden gloves (leather is best) if you have them, pruning shears and large pruning clippers if you'd like to practice hands on (I have A LOT of rose bushes to practice on.)
Send me an email at melissa dot lee dot spencer at gmail dot com if you need directions or have questions.
Happy flowering!
PS This would be a easy way to invite your neighbors to come learn and fellowship with us!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

American Mothers Inc.

American Mothers Inc. is wanting to start a chapter out here in Albuquerque.

What is American Mothers Inc. ?

American Mothers is an inter-faith, non-political, non-profit organization that continues to recognize the invaluable contribution mothers make to the future success and happiness of children and society. It is an organization comprised of women and men who are interested in the preservation of families and in strengthening the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and home.

Check out their web site if this interest you.

My mother is the "Mother of the Year" from Texas and I have been at my sisters home a couple of times when they have had their monthly meeting, which is about a hour long. They share stories, recipes, parenting ideas and have fun work shops for moms. It was really a fun time to get together with other mothers.

If this is something you would be interested in please contact me at gehreh@gmail(dot)com and I will get you involved with the area coordinator Mary Compton she is looking for some moms out here who might be interested in starting a chapter.

Rebecca H.